Alamance County teachers usually have to pull money out of their own wallets to make up the difference for supplies that students cannot afford. We aim to fill that gap by allowing teachers to shop online through a selection of donated items once every nine weeks. Whether you’re running low on crayons for your Kindergarteners, literature for your bookworms or STEM supplies for your aspiring scientists, Classroom Closet is here to help!


Classroom Closet is managed by Alamance Citizens for Education (ACE), a volunteer-led, non-profit organization that supports local educators. We are a non-profit organization that runs on grants and donations from our sponsors to allow teachers to fully equip their classrooms while saving money from their own pockets. Scroll through our catalog of commonly requested items!


Are you a teacher? Become a member now and gain access to thousands of dollars in school supplies for your students by paying a small annual membership fee of only $30. You’ll be able to shop online for up to $250 in value of common classroom supplies four times a year—at no cost to you. Plus, you’ll also receive invitations to open shopping days at our stock room and can make requests for specialty supplies. We will deliver the items you order directly to your school.

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Check back here to find out when the next online shopping period opens and when you can visit and shop for specialty items at our stock room in downtown Burlington.


Members can shop through our online catalog four times a year, once every nine weeks. Although we offer a wide variety of supplies, we must enforce a limit of $250 (in value) of supplies for each teacher every nine weeks so that all of our members can have access to all of our items.

 Is there something you need that you don’t see in our catalog, such as science equipment or books? Chances are we may have it in our stock room located in downtown Burlington. Contact us to see if we have it in stock and check out our calendar for times to come pick up those specialty items.


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I’ve just placed my first online order. This was a quick and easy experience, and I look forward to the delivery of my supplies!

Sheila Hedgecock, Smith Elementary

Classroom Closet is a true gift! Thank you for supporting our teachers and their students.

Dr. Bill Harrison, ABSS Superintendent

I can’t ask my student’s parents to send in boxes of tissues when they don’t know where their next meal will come from. Thank you for providing this program!

Juanita Rose, Broadview Elementary