How to Shop

With the transition, we understand that the new process may be confusing. Follow these steps, and your classroom will be stocked in no time! If you do not have a membership yet, add the "Classroom Closet Membership" item from the catalog to your cart and we will get you the discount code as quickly as possible, or mail in the form found at to get started.  

1. Catalog- 

Head to "Shop" which, at the moment, has roughly thirty of the most commonly requested items. Here you will find everything that you can choose. We are working towards expanding it and creating subsections. We will fill you in once we are there!

2. Adding to Cart-

When you find an item that you like, add it to your cart and change it to any of the variants that you would like. If you want more than one variant, for example, red and blue pens, then you will have to add it to your cart multiple times. Be sure to check the limits when adding to your cart and updating. 

3. Limits-

Look in the description box of each item to see the limits that may be on a specific item. We want to support every teacher, so please be conscious and respectful of the limits. Once in the shopping cart, you can increase or decrease the amount of an item that you want. Be sure to click "update" after you select your desired quantity. After adding the amount that you want and hitting "update," you can choose to either "continue shopping" or "checkout."

4. Paying-

As always, everything is free! When checking out, you do not have to pay, so use the discount code that we provided you to remove the cost. If there is any price that shows up that you have to pay for, contact us and we will fix it immediately. You should not have to put in any credit card information unless you are paying for your membership. Put in the address of your school where it says billing address and your name so that we know who to deliver your materials to.

5. Delivery-

We will deliver everything to you at your school! Depending on when you order, there may be more or less of delivery time as we will try to match up deliveries with other teachers from schools around you. We will attach an addressed thank you note for you to write to our donors that keep us running.